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Here's what Shirley Gong,Buisness Manager for emerging Markets from Ray Ban,has to say about choosing the right frame to suit your face.
"It's a very personal choice when it comes to consumers choosing the eyewears that best suits them.Having said that,ther are a couple of points that can be kept in mind while choosing the right eyewear:

Face Shape

The frame type should fit the face cut,making it comfortable and wearable for a very long time.For example,someone with a narrow face type may opt for eyewear with decorated temples; or someone with an oval face cut may opt for top heavy frames.


THe key to right eyewear is the frame and colour.The colours should complement one's complexion.The complexion spectrum usually ranges from blue(cool) to yellow (warm) skin tone.For a warmer skin tone,olive,khaki,gold,peach colurs work best.For a cooler skin ton,gray,blue,tortoise textures work best.


There are no set rules when it comes to buying sunglasses or optics.One must keep the comfort that a particular pair lends in mind and make an inteligent choice.

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