Everything You Need To Know About The Trend Of Shades Right Now.

Forget resulotions. If there's  one thing you need to work on this year,its getting your wardrobe together. And speaking of starting from the top,there's nothing like a new pair of sunglasses to set you on the rught track to fashion heaven. Here are a few trends of this year that will keep you and your sunnies in style.

Perfect reflection

Aviators may have rocked the scene all of the last year ( and the year before that) but its time to trade in the classics for brighter upgrade. Mirrored lenses on Aviators or wayfarers in colurful jewel tones are all the rage, and its best to get in on this just for the sheer fun of it.No more boring black or staid browns - think bright blues,greens and even violet. The reflective cloting on the outside make the lenses look like small mirrors - great for checking yourself out in your friend's frames! But remember to choose a shade that flatters your skin tone, that blue may look great on Black Lively, but try them on before you pick them up. And when in doubt, opt for a neutral yet sparkly silver mirrored lens that's sure to up your glam quotient.

Frame it Bright

If you're trying to stand out in crowd, nothing hits the spots like bright and colourful frames. Keep the lenses to a classic black or brown oand then go on crazy with the colours for the frames. Spotted across the runways were frames in every hue from bright yellow to deep red.  Shiny acetate frames look like super chick in bright colours, and even if you're feeling shy,trade in the black for deep navy and invent your own take on the trend. Also, nothing makes for better Instagram photos than funky colourful frames. Click Away!

Vintage Vanity

Every day is the throw back thursday if you're digging the trend of round frames that's been getting some attention. he statement-making small round frames make popular by John Lennon are all the rage, having been spotted on Sonam Kappor and Cara Delevingne. While this round shaped frame may not suit all the face shapes especally if your face is rather rounded - it is definetely a style that is worth taking a risk for.This vintage style is great to show off your quirky side, but you run the risk of being labelled a 'hipster' by fashionistas!

Play with Texture

Frames seems to be in focus this year as brands are going all out to experiment with  different textures to create different styles. Ray-Ban has come out with a version of their classic wayfarers with a denim frame, coated with polypropylene to keep it sturdy, while Gucci has a pair of Aviators that feature bamboo detailing and Jimmy Choo's Estelle range features crystal and lace inserts for a textured look. With fabrics inspiring eyewear trends, it's the perfect time to pick a pair of shades that complement your style of dresseng perfectly. What are you,denim or lace?

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