Top 8 Foods For Lean Muscle

  Peanut Butter

Our favorite snack filler is here for its biotin.This vitamin helps you convert carbs into energy,so you can pack more weight on the bar.


Rich in nitrate,the leaves supply your muscles cells with oxygenated blood,keeping them better fed than a glutton at a barbecue.


The tight - packed fish made our list for its huge hit of EPA fats,which have an anabolism effect,switching your hormones to 'muscle mode'.


These magic bullets clear your body of the free radicals produced by intense training,so you can work out harder with less next-day pain


The crystals are currently enjoying a renaissance.If you're trainig hard,dont shun it;a post - workout pinch helps muscle cells reform.


Blacks are the new oranges.This fruit packs roughly twice as much vitamin C by weight to slash oxidation stress and reduce DOMS.


Make these your starch of choice.A can packs 40 gm of slow-acting carbs along with 10 gm of fiber to stop insulin spikes and keep you lean.

Dried Apricots

A 100 g portion squeezes in 30% of your iron RDA,which is essential to create new red blood cells for better energy and oxygen delivery.

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