What Should I Wear To My Farewell Party

Its that time when academic years are winding up and senior students are getting ready to say their goodbyes. The official farewell ceremony is of course the most important part of the years of study. Students and teachers will probably remember a person as they looked at this event and so there is this pressure to look your best.
This event certainly calls for formal outfits,so showing up wearing jeans and shirt  is not a viable option.For guys,it could be quit as easy as lending a suit,or buying one.
There are a lot of friends that can guide you,but the end look depends on personal taste,style and preference.

For guys, There are numerous ways to quirk up your suite and tie outfit according to your character.

If you are a loud carefree person,try wearing bright colored shoes - maybe a clown red pair.

For a suave stylish stud, a sleek suit paired with a fedora can pull the whole look together.Just make sure you have the confidence and look to carry it off!

For the live by the book guy, a classic dark suit, with black shoes and a matching tie is the best. A pair of nice cuff links can add the right amount of class to the look.

A point to note in all cases when wearing a suit is to make sure that the fit is perfect.

There are many other ways to quirk up these formal outfits like suspenders,bow ties,interesting spectacles,etc. You could also try wearing a vest instead of a jacket for a less formal look. Vests made of Khadi,linen,etc.,are also available to put together a more Indian outfit.

But keep in mind not to overdo the quirk factor. Just do one accessory that is bound to change the look of the outfit. Do not show up wearing bow ties,suspenders are bright shoes just for fun of it!
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