5 Gym Ready Steps To Better Skin

Hang Loose

Heat and tight clothing work together to increase sebum production and clog your pores,"warns Dr Ab hay Talati,Mumbai-based dermatologist.Wear loose workout clothes in breathable fabrics.

Keep it clean

They may smell okay, but unwashed gym clothes rub yesterday sweat and oil against your skin,which can lead to acne on your chest and back.Do your laundry,guys

Make it Quick

Long hot showers may feel great,but Dr talati says they also dry out your skin.Limit your showers to warm(not hot)water, and keep the length to less than five minutes.

Bring your own

gym breeds bacteria,the main cause of breakouts.Rather than use a soap that's been  handled by dozens of other sweaty men. Dr Talati suggests bringing anti-bacterial soap.

Layer on Lotion

Hands,elbows,and heels are prone to dryness in cold weather.So layer on a body cream after your shower,say Dr Talati.

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